Report Abuse, Domestic Violence or Get Help at Court

adultswim help adult swim sos send help GIFTo report child abuse, contact your local child protection agency, such as Child Welfare, Tutela or the Department of Social Development.  You can complete a Form 22 here.  You can also contact Childline on 08000 55555, your local police station or SMS an anonymous tip off to Crime Line on 32211.

To bring a matter before the Children’s Court, you can complete a Form 2 here.  This can then be taken to your local court, in the area where the child concerned typically resides.

To obtain a  Protection Order for domestic violence, you can complete one here. This needs to be taken to your local Magistrate’s Court (Domestic Violence Court section), and the clerk of the court needs to stamp it and a court date will be provided.  It will also need to be taken to your local SAPS for certification, and will then be served on the relevant person.  You will then both need to be present in court to dispute or confirm the requested order, which can then be made an order of the court.  Remember, you can even get a protection order for someone who lives in your house, or sleeps in your bed, or even on behalf of someone else.  It doesn’t necessarily mean no contact with the person, but it does outline the prohibited acts of domestic violence.

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