Sexual Abuse

❤️ Long Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse and Molestation

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❤️ Abuse No More Protocol Presented the Western Cape Government (Online Course)


The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has called for different ways to access teachers, parents and learners to empower them on different social, emotional and behaviour challenges experienced by learners that might cause a barrier to learning.

The closing of schools and staggered returning of different grades resulted in less direct teaching taking place which was deemed to be an ideal time for teachers to access on line courses such as the WCED Abuse No More course for managing child abuse, deliberate neglect and sexual offences against children. The Abuse No More course was created as an online training, which various role players can access in the comfort of their own home.

Viewers can watch the video and complete a short questionnaire. Thereafter the viewer will receive a certificate of completion via email.”

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